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Training and Professional Development are highly emphasized. Global training programs are conducted for the betterment of students and professionals.


Full assistance is offered via Accreditation workshop, Eligibility workshop, and other workshops


We offer certified trainings, workshops and professional support.

PLA Assessor Training

PLA assessor workshops to equip faculty with the knowledge, skills and concepts about prior learning assessment (PLA) to become professional portfolio assessors

  • • Implement career development measures to the work
  • • Counselling people: Methods and Capabilities
  • • Discovering options of education and Career
  • • The Process of Career Planning comprising the assessment, data-gathering, goal-setting, and implementation
  • • Better practices and ethics
  • • Build understanding of the measures imperative for effective guidance

Academic & Professional Advising Certification

Learners’ Academy

USDOE Learner’s Academy highly appreciates the institution's efforts to fascinate and offer assistance to the common people and students. Comprising of several professional workshops that include various topics that are relevant to all the educational institutes. The participants of the learner academy attain high-quality knowledge to aid learners in the finest manner.

  • • Academy offers
  • • High quality education
  • • Options of workshop in various subjects
  • • Better understanding
  • • Skill development

Working Learners’ Academy

United States Academic Accreditation Department Working Learner Academy supports your institution’s efforts to attract and provide assistance to the growing population of nontraditional students. Consisting of a series of expert-led workshops and covering a broad range of topics that are relevant to all colleges and universities; the participants of the working learner academy gain valuable knowledge and insights to serve working learners in the best way.

The following workshops will be offered

  • • Apply career development theory to your work
  • • Advising Adults: Approaches and Competencies
  • • Exploring Career and Education Options
  • • Counsel a diverse workforce
  • • The Career Planning Process including the assessment, data-gathering, goal-setting and execution
  • • Ethics and good advising practices
  • • Develop understanding of the skills necessary for providing successful career advise