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What is a Member Institution?

The Institutions which are accredited by USDOE are considered Members of the United States Department of Education. Here you can search the latest member institute directory,

What are the benefits of USDOE membership?

Representatives of member educational institutes are invited to take part in activities and meetings of the Working Groups which focus on various topics such as Mutual recognition & joint programs, Internationalisation of accreditation and quality assurance, Qrossroads & information strategies, Mutual learning & best practices. Members can also participate in European ECA projects.ECA members are also invited to participate in ECA events such as the plenary annual workshops, seminars, conferences, etc. ECA provides plenty of opportunities for networking, mutual learning, and exchange of good practices.

Delegates of member educational institutes are welcome to participate in exercises and gatherings of the Working Groups that center around different themes, for example, Mutual acknowledgment and combined projects, Internationalization of accreditation and affirmation of quality, shared learning, and best practices.

What are the requirements for USDOE membership?

The applying educational institute must:

  • • Be set up by law as a corporate body or be according to national or regional regulations
  • • Effectively supports the points of the Association;
  • • Provide Quality education and maintain educational standards.
  • • Student support.


Complete information of our member institutions, including data regarding the levels of accreditation.

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